Our mission is to build better drivers.

With SaferELDT, we set out to create a training school that would get you on your way to becoming a commercial driver. As an organization, we are dedicated to providing the most affordable and simple training that meets all requirements on Entry Level Driver Training.
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We help get you on your way to a CDL

Delivers Consistent Training Content

Our training allows you to deliver a standardized process and consistency in the delivery of content. It also compresses delivery time.

Saves Time Without Decreasing Benefits

Our training yields time savings of 35% to 45% over traditional classroom instruction while maintaining equivalent or better gains in learning retention and application on the job.

Training is Accessible 24/7

Our training is accessible on any computer, phone, or tablet 24/7. This allows for an employee to train on the go anytime and anywhere.

Customer Service

We provide excellent customer service through phone, email, and in-person support.

Meet your trainers

Our certified trainers have a combined 30 years experience in developing safety training. Perry James, Louie Munn, and Jake Munn
are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge of their fields.

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